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Charity Work at Josephine Butler College

What Do We Do?

At Josephine Butler College we always love helping people out, which extends to all of the charity work and events that we put on. During the year we are planning to run some exciting events which we would love you to get involved in! These include: Dare Night, where we’ll have you running around the College and the University getting up to mischief; Charity Auctions, where you’ll be sure to grab a great prize; Butler's own version of 'Take Me Out' where the most eligible bachelors will be sure to meet the partner of their dreams; Rag raiding in Edinburgh where you can get involved with dressing up and raising money from the general public; and the termly JCR Meeting raffles, where you could win more than enough chocolate to get you through your exams and summatives!    

What is Grace House?

Grace House is based in Sunderland and offers respite and short break facilities for children and young people with complex disabilities and life-limiting conditions. In the past few years money raised by Butler Charity Comm has helped to fully renovate Grace House and provide necessary equipment and facilities for the children. We now aim to continue supporting the development and running of Grace House to provide funds for volunteers and allow the hospice to continue to operate.

What is DUCK?

DUCK stands for Durham University Charity 'Kommittee'. DUCK is a university-wide committee and is not directly linked to Butler Charity Comm. Instead, it supports students taking on challenges, expeditions and events to raise money for a wide variety of local, national and international charities. See the DUCK website for more details:

How Can I Get Involved?

There are so many ways to get involved in Charity Comm... perhaps the easiest way is to come along to our events with all your friends and help us to raise money! We also would love to have some help behind the scenes: planning and running events and coming up with new ideas to raise more and more money. Our event planning involves making decorations, planning logistics, baking cakes and advertising our college events so anyone can help out and involved. Our meetings are informal and relaxed, with no membership fee and no obligation to come to every single meeting. We meet at 5pm on Wednesdays in the bar and would love to see you there!

Join our Facebook group for up to date info and events:

Or contact the charity co-ordinators, Amy Mansfield and Kate Fearnyough:,

Submit your Dare Night entry.

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Upcoming Charity Events:

Charity Comm. Meetings

Charity Comm. Meetings run every Wednesday at 5pm, we would love you to come along!

If you want the most up to date info about the meetings then please join our facebook group and request to be added to our mailing list.

Get In Contact

If you would like to know more information about charity events run at Josephine Butler College, then get in contact:

Charities Co-ordinator

Isabel Mastrolonardo (contact)

Hollie Pilkington (contact)

Assistant Charities Coordinator

Annie Dyson (contact)

Charlotte Thompson (contact)