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Some words from the webmaster

This website was designed by Josh Campion and implemented by Nick Brook over Summer 2010. Courtney Edgar maintained the site from Summer 2011 until July 2014. It is currently maintained by Sam Stradling and Rupert Maspero.

This site is hosted by Durham University.

Some of the frameworks and tools used in the site are credited below.


A great PHP MVC framework that keeps the code organised and secure.


A fantastic, free IDE, it supports all the file formats used in the site


A javascript framework that takes the hassle out of cross-browser javascript development.

jQuery UI

A jQuery plugin which provides most of the user interface and interactivity elements on the website.


A plugin for jQuery which enables deep linking. The pages on this site are loaded via ajax (if you have javascript enabled). However, this means that the url doesn't change when you change page. If you sent someone a link to the page you are currently viewing, they would be taken to the first page you viewed. History.js dynamically updates the url as you browse through the site. This way, it knows what to load when you try to visit the url next time. It also enables the back/forward buttons in the browser.


This is used on the page content editor.