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Butler is such a diverse community, and it is important to appreciate and acknowledge this diversity represented by Butlerites! As a college, we are proud to provide strong support for the international community. One World Week, dedicated to celebrating multicultural diversity and championing international voices, is just one example of such support.

International Committee organises events to raise multicultural awareness and enhance the international aspect of college life. Some of the events we organise include World Cinema, showings of foreign films, and the International Christmas Feast! International Comm is open to everyone, so please come along if you are interested - we meet every two weeks at 7pm on Tuesdays in the JCR Lounge.

Aside from events, the International Officer provides support for international students and is a point of contact for any questions they may have. This support is not exclusively for international students, as part of the role of International Officer is answering any questions anyone might have about international experiences - whether it is a year abroad, or an internship abroad. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions throughout the year at

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International Officer

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