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Croquet membership cost is free

Welcome to Croquet Society!


Rumour has it we're the fastest growing society in JoBo since the 2014 Freshers Week. Apart from the most talked about social in the college, here's what you're in for...


“The ideal grass surface for croquet is a perfectly level area of even, fine and closely mown grass, as one would expect to find on a first class flat bowling green or tennis court”

...Says article K of the All English Lawn Care and Construction Guide.



Just a quick point before we get your hopes up about playing traditional English croquet with tea, crumpets and scones, we do things slightly differently at Butler... In fact, we distort the rules and etiquette of the game so much at times that it probably can’t legally still be referred to as ‘croquet’. 


The Butler Croquet Club calendar is split into the Autumn/Winter socials and crawls season, with Spring and Summer being the glorious time of the year where we may* actually play croquet. 

Playing Croquet at Butler is guaranteed and rumoured to be compulsory to get you into the Butler/Durham Uni spririt with a bit of classic tomfoolery on the grass.


So yeah, we might not have done the best job of selling our society to you if you are looking to play croquet as it was intended to be played, but we guarantee that our way is much more fun, especially on the 4 or 5 good days of weather we get up north...

In case it wasn’t clear from the ridiculous nature of our way of playing, no prior experience or skill of any kind is required, so you have no excuse not to join us!


*croquet play not guaranteed