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Feminist Society

Feminist Society (Fem Soc) meet on Thursdays 6-7

Our discussions vary week by week but tend to be on topical issues regarding gender equality (e.g. workplace quotas, the portrayal of women in the media and the problems with the dominace of white, middle-class feminism) 

We also try to get outside of college and attend other events such as Reclaim The Night and inter-college fem soc socials. We also recently organised a Butler Talk about Gender-Based Violence at Universities.

We're still finding our feet as a society and are open to new ideas. We also encourage anyone who wants to lead a discussion to have a go but just coming to listen is just as good.   

Everybody is welcome, even if you think you'll disagree with us (especially if you'll disagree with us) 

Your Feminist Society President:

Hannah Brown (contact)

Isobel Cheshire (contact)