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Juggling membership cost is free

We meet Saturday 5-6 in Howlands

Welcome to Juggling Soc!

We are a new society open to everyone, whether your a pro at handling balls, have never touched them in your life or just want to learn how to throw a diablo really high!

We currently have equipment for balls, clubs, diablo, devil sticks and cloths but feel free to bring along more inventive items! (Personally I enjoy juggling glue sticks)

Juggling is a great life skill that everyone should know! Its a great party trick as well as drastically improving hand eye coordination. Additionally there are countless great innuendos that can be associated with juggling, "hey guys im just off to go and play with my balls".

We plan to meet once a week in the Howlands, but inevitably we will have extra sessions when the low roof just cant cope with that high 5 ball flash you want to practice!

If you have never juggled in your life have no fear! I have a full proof method of teaching people how to juggle in less than an hour* meaning after the first session everybody should be able to handle 3 balls comfortably!
So get your balls out and start practicing those skills! Then you can show me and Jacob up at the taster session!

Can't wait to see you soon!

*note i am not liable if you don't learn in under an hour, this was just a claim to get you hooked.