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Josephine Butler Unicycle Society (J.B.U.S) is a group that meet on Sundays between 12-2 in the Howlands Building. We'll teach you to ride a unicycle which improves your balance, cardio, control and discipline. It's great fun and once you've got the hang of it it's just like riding a bike!

We collaborate with three other clubs and institutions around Durham. The Durham City Jugglers, who meet on Tuesdays in the Shakespeare Hall on North Road. Juggling Unicycling Stockton on Tees (J.U.S.T) who meet in Stockton on Thursday evenings. Finally who are the number one stockists in the world, being a member of J.B.U.S gives you 10% off the UDC range on their website. We can assist you in making a selection for the unicycle you need and sort out purchase and set up. Once you've gained confidence we're there to help you further, there are many styles of unicycling such as trials, street, freestyle, on-road and off-road (MUni) and each are possible to learn and great to experience. MUni rides to the mountain bike tracks in Hamsterley Forest are awesome and fantastic exercise.  

We hope to see you there to give it a go!!