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Dodgeball membership cost is free

We meet Saturday 6-7 in the Howlands

                             Welcome to Butler Dodgeball!

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One of the easiest, most fun, stress relieving games ever invented. We play for fun and anybody can come along and play! 
             ~  Saturday evenings at 6pm
             ~  The Howlands building
      How much does it cost?
             ~  Membership is free!
      Do I need any experience?
             ~  Definitely not. Most people have never played before and the rules and everything else will be explained if you're unsure.
      What do I wear?
             ~  There is no dress code, but we'd recommend something easy to move in. It is an energetic sport with a fair bit of running around and moving so     something like a tracksuit, bottoms, t-shirt and trainers would be ideal.
      Who do I contact?
             ~  Send an email to for more information!
"So just how do you play...?"
The game is meant to be played with 6 people a side, using 3 balls, on a court the size of a badminton court. However, we always get everybody involved we use various team sizes and have played up to 20 on 20 using the entire room!
~ To start, the balls are placed on the centre line and players line up along the back
   boundaries. On "Go!", players run to claim possession of the balls.
~ Initially, balls must be passed/taken to the back of the court but after that they are in free play and can be thrown from anywhere on the court.
~ You cannot cross the centre line! If a part of your body touches the ground on the other side then you are out, apart from the Suicide move.
~ If you throw a ball which hits any part of a opposing team member before it hits the ground then they are out.
~ If you throw a ball which is caught by an opposing team member then you are out, and a member of the other team is allowed back in play.
"What's the 'Suicide move'?"
~ This move means you are automatically out, but can bring somebody with you if it's done well!
~ You can run and jump over the centre line, and as long as you jump before the line, then you are technically still in the game up until you touch the ground again. This means that you can throw the ball at the other team whilst you are in the air.
~ If you throw it after you've landed then the throw doesn't count. Its possible to get a lot closer to the other team by doing this, but you do kill yourself in the process... hence the name!
"What can I expect in the first session?"
~ The aim of the first few sessions will be to familiarise everyone with the basic rules of dodgeball (which if you've read down to this point, you should be an expert at!), and get some games going straight away so that you can get a sense of what to expect through the year.
"I went last year and quickly lost interest..."
~ Despite the successes of the Dodgeball Society, we're hoping to bring in a few new things to spice things up for you veterans including kingball, islands, crackabout, traitors, zombies, Russian dodgeball and duels.
So come along and have some fun, relieve stress, find out what all these weird variations on dodgeball are and throw balls at your friends!
And remember, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball...

Your Dodgeball Society President:

Calvin Ngwena (contact)