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Pool is without a doubt one of Butler’s most popular and successful ‘sports’. Last year, we entered 5 teams in the university league system where teams of 6 skillful athletes play against other colleges once a week.


There are good reasons why pool, along with darts, is so big at the college. Here’s a short list of them:


  1. Our bar is massive and cheap. It’s hard to leave. And as the pool tables are so conveniently there, dominating the bar, it’s only natural you end up wasting your evenings on them.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  2. We have 3 good quality pool tables, which are always level*                                     
  3. Those pool tables only charge 20p a game. For those that live in London where every pub charges at least £1 a game, this should be the equivalent of a wet dream.                                                                                                                        
  4. As always, there is the thrill that you might 7-ball someone in a frame, which some regard as on par with getting a first overall in Freshers' year.                                                                                                                                                              
  5. You can see the big TV and projector from the tables... you can watch football and play pool at the same time... what’s not to love?                                                         
  6. Losing a game of pool will not mean the end of your life. Essentially the people who get involved in the teams do it for fun (and for drinks).. (and in the case of the more competitive players, the stats).                                                                    
  7. Our teams all have a strong sense of unity and we never deliberately try and put off our teammates when they are playing their game by making inappropriate noises and snide remarks about their tendency to bottle big shots**                                                                                                             
  8. Our socials will give you some of the best and most/least memorable nights you will have in your time at Durham. With the highest yard/person ratio of any college social at some point everyone will get a chance to beat the ex-Pool Social Sec's 19 second record:


     Pool combines careful tactics, such as the ability to conjure a solid bag (see below for a player that resides at Bag End), and the need for a stomach of iron, in order to make sure you don't pass out before the end of your frame.



So yeah – as I say, the tables cost 20p each so feel free to play casually whenever. If however you like the idea of playing as part of a team, we’ll be holding regular taster sessions and a try-out competition in Freshers’ Week, so there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved!


 Oh, and here’s some standard information about the club for next year:


President – Rob Murray

Social Secs – Ross Bennett and Tom Eaton

A Team Captain – Ross Bennett

B Team Captain – Matt Bircham

C Team Captain – Lou Green

D Team Captain – Rowan Bird


E Team Captain - TBC (Reserved for a Fresher).


* Hahahahaha

** Definitely a lie.


And then the link for the Durham University Pool League:

Your Pool President:

Robert Grout (contact)