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Rowing membership cost is £60 rowers, £40 coxes

We meet Wednesday 1-3 in Howlands

After several strong years in succession, the Butler College Boat Club (BCBC) has firmly established itself as a force to be reckoned with within the University.

BCBC is keen to involve absolutely anyone in rowing, whether a complete novice, or a seasoned professional. To suit this wide variety of experience, we have men's and women's competitive racing squads, and social rowing squads.


BCBC at Durham City Regatta 2016:

For social rowers, outings can happen as frequently or rarely as needed; provided there are enough people to fill a boat, (four or eight), a coach will be more than happy to take you out.
For people looking to get involved in the Racing Squad, training on the river normally happens twice a week, with a further two indoor sessions in the gym working on a rowing machine and general fitness.

Club photo at the annual BCBC Ball 2016.

For anyone new to rowing looking to get involved, the Club and University run a 'Learn2Row' programme, which runs in the First Term and gives Freshers a chance to get some experience on the river and a flavour for the commitment required before signing up on a longer basis. The culmination of this programme is the Novice Cup: a fiercely competitive Inter-College competition, and a great opportunity to sample the electric atmosphere that comes with your first race.

If you're interested in getting involved with the Boat Club, or want some more information, please take a look at our website  or contact one of the exec below:

Sam Stradling - Club President (
Edward Newman - Men's Captain (
Holly Linford - Women's Captain (

Your Boat Club President:

Calum James (contact)