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Table Tennis

Table Tennis membership cost is £2

We meet Wednesday 5-6 and Saturday 7-9 in Howlands

Butler A: League TableFixtures and Results

Butler B: League TableFixtures and Results

Extreme. Intense. A variety of shapes and sizes. From the amateur to the professional, Ping Pong, Table Tennis, Wiff Waff- whatever you wish to call it - we have it all.

Training Schedule: 
Wednesday 5-6pm
Saturday 7-9pm
Sunday 11-12 noon

President: Jamie Gwilliam
A team captain: Richard Johns
B team captains: Harry O'Mara and Rhys Jones
C team captain: Cameron Shepherd
Social secs: Matthew Travers and Robbie Grout



Your Table Tennis President:

Sudhan Rajasundaram (contact)