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What is the JCR?

JCR stands for 'Junior Common Room'. The JCR is the student-run governing body, made up of every single Butler undergraduate student, now including yourself! It provides events, services and opportunities to all its members, allowing every student to make changes to how College runs - be that standing or voting for positions, running sports or societies, taking part in a Committee, or much more.

What does the JCR do for me?

The JCR basically runs the non-academic side of College. Our very own students run every single sport, society and committee, organise every social event, and even manage the Bar and Coffee Shop. The benefit of having the JCR is that all opportunities for involvement are incredibly accessible and welcoming to everyone, regardless of experience or ability.

Who runs the JCR?

The JCR is led by the elected President (Dan) and the Executive Committee. However, the JCR is run by the whole student body. As a democratic system, important decisions must be taken on a vote of every member. It is run BY students, FOR students, so make sure you have your say.

Who are the Exec?

The JCR Executive Committee (the ‘Exec’) are students voted in by the JCR to lead the everyday running of College - both in their individual roles, and as a collective body who represent your views in decision-making. The Exec maintain services such as the Bar/Coffee Shop, organise social events, support sports/societies and provide a strong Welfare programme. They hold weekly meetings to discuss issues and have regular JCR Meetings with the whole JCR, where proposals are discussed and voted on. They always love to hear your ideas and feedback so don’t be afraid to get in touch with them.

What is the difference between the JCR and 'College'?

The College is run by the academic staff, primarily the College Officers: Adrian (Principal), Karen (Vice-Principal) and Des (Bursar). 'College' is part of the University and it's main focus is on the education, well-being & extra curricular activities.

The JCR provides a non-academic side of university life from organising social events to engaging in community projects. The JCR is a part of the College and as such the JCR must abide to the College's rules. However this does not often stop the JCR from doing the things which it wants to do, and the JCR and College have a strong relationship.

Where is the JCR office?

By the post, next to the entrance to the bar. This is where the JCR President & SCDO work. The door should always be open & you're always welcome in to discuss any problems, give us your feedback or simply for a chat!

How much does being part of the JCR cost?

You can find the latest fees and financial information for the college fees and JCR dues here. All committees and some sports and societies are free to join but some have membership costs shown here.

Can I opt out of the JCR?

You can, if you wish. This does however stop you from using the facilities owned by the JCR, and if you wished to get involved in clubs & societies you would have to pay an extra fee. It also removes your right to have a say in how the JCR is run.

Get In Contact

If you would like more help or information then please get in contact:

JCR President

Tom Weston (contact)

JCR Vice-President

Charlotte Thompson (contact)

Student Community Development Officer

Jace Kim (contact)

JCR Chair

Eleanor Scarratt (contact)

JCR Vice-Chair

Noah Merrin (contact)

Baneet Sarai (contact)