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Durham and its Colleges

Durham has 16 Colleges, all different in their ethos, buildings and student body. The Collegiate system brings a unique aspect to Durham where instead of just involving yourself in University clubs you can also immerse yourself on a College level in sports, societies, committees and more! Your College is your community; you will be part of it throughout the entire of your degree. Not only is the College your home for the first year but it will grow to be like your family, providing support and countless opportunities to further your experience of University. A common saying all over Durham is “don’t let your degree get in the way of your education”, so make sure you get involved in as much as you can!


What is the JCR?

JCR stands for ‘Junior Common Room’. Each College has its own JCR. The JCR is the student body, made up every single Butler undergraduate student. It provides a non-academic side to University life, whether that be through planning and running events, services and creating opportunities to all its members, allowing every student to make changes to how the College runs – be that standing or voting for positions, running sports or societies, taking part in committees and much more!

The JCR is led by the elected President and the Executive Committee, but it is run by the entire student body. As a democratic system, important decisions must be taken on a vote of every member. The JCR is run BY students, FOR students, so make sure you have your say!