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Rooms and Facilities

Check out this tour of College by our very own Butler Mole:



The kitchens are a great social space for your flat, as well as providing facilities to make that all important meal (remember Butler is the only fully self-catered undergraduate college!). Each kitchen has an oven, 4 hobs, sink, microwave, toaster, kettle, iron, ironing board, hoover, large fridge and freezers and of course table and chairs! Just like the bedrooms, the kitchen is cleaned once a week too!


Each flat in Butler consists of 6 single en-suite rooms and one shared kitchen. Each bedroom has a single bed (with under bed storage), a desk, lamp, wardrobe, and a wall shelving unit. Additionally each en-suite (at Butler we call them ‘Pods’) has a sink, shower and toilet. All residential areas are fully wifi too! If still doesn’t sound too good to be true, each room gets cleaned once a week by our wonderful housekeeping staff, so make sure you pick up those dirty socks before they come to hoover the floor!


Butler Bar is the social hub of college. The large area has a stage for our numerous events, there are pool tables and dart boards for those wanting a more pub sports night, and there are several TV’s to watch those important FA cup games and Great British Bake-Off finals. The bar itself opens every night (at student prices!). During the day there is a coffee shop, which is great for a quick refuel between lectures, and then in the evenings the Bar Kitchen is open, which serves more filling dishes from a classic Butler Burger to Thai Green Curry.

JCR Lounge

For those occasions when you want to chill out in a smaller space instead of the bar the JCR Lounge provides a perfect alternative. Used just by the undergraduate community is has sofas a big TV, Xbox, PS4 and more DVD’s than can be counted! It’s great for a weekend film night with a group of friends, but it also used by numerous societies, for example Disney Society meet once a week to watch a Disney film!



A porter is on reception 24/7 in Butler. They are magnificent people who can help with almost any problem in College, whether it is replacing a bulb in your room to accepting deliveries for you. It is reassuring to have a porter always on duty, so no matter what time you lock yourself out of your room by accident there is always someone to smile at pleadingly to help let you back in.


Events Hall

The Howland Hall (Butler’s Events Hall) is a great space that is used by many sports, such as Badminton, Basketball, Cheerleading and Volleyball, just to name a few. Additionally it is a space used for our formal dinners, which occur fortnightly. If the space is free a key can be picked up at reception and the space can be used whenever you want.

College Shop

There is a small shop on the College site which sells all the essentials, e.g. milk, bread and chocolate! So if you wake up in the morning and realise you have run out of milk for your cereal you can just pop up to grab some!



Butler and Ustinov College share a gym, and it costs just £10 for the year (yes seriously). It has all the main equipment for a gym and you can sign up at any point in the year!


Music Room

The home of a variety of instruments for students to use, either as part of one of the musical societies or individually. The key can be obtained from reception, so if you fancy practicing piano at 2am by all means do!



Multi Use Games Area used for Tennis, Football, Netball and many other sports. It is an Astroturf area which can be booked out, similar to the Events Hall.