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If you would like more help or information then please get in contact:

JCR Chair

Eleanor Scarratt (contact)

JCR Vice-Chair

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Butler Elections

How Butler Elections work

Ever wanted to make a real difference to the way college is run? Getting involved in the JCR is one surefire way of doing it. Bits in italics only apply to Exec positions.

  1. The position is advertised via email and/or on the #democracy notice board.
  2. To find out more about the position, you speak to the JCR Chair, current office holder or previous office holders. Alternatively you can look it up in the Standing Orders, which are in the Archive section, accessible on the left side of your screen.
  3. You tell the JCR Chair of your intention to run - you can even do this . For Exec positions this will need to be over a week before the date of the JCR Meeting, so we've got time to run through proper campaign rules.
  4. Candidates for Exec positions and Head Frep/Open Day Rep positions will be required to submit a poster. See the 'Making a Poster' tab for more info.
  5. Candidates for Exec positions go round Butler flats for a week, husting and answering any questions!
  6. Candidates will hust for 3 minutes (4 for Exec and 5 for Presidential), answer any questions, and with any luck be elected! Big positions and any close calls will be elected online.


How to vote in Butler Elections

Click on 'Vote in Butler JCR Elections' on the left. 

Click on the current election.

You may now vote in any of the elections available; if you need to be reminded of the candidates, you can find their short manifestos on the side of the page.

We use the STV voting system, which means that if your first choice is knocked out of the first round, we will transfer your votes to your second choice. This is repeated until we have an outright winner.

You may choose to vote for RON as any of your choices, or you may choose to abstain from voting in any particular elections.


Why should you vote in Butler elections?

It is the easiest way you can have a direct say in how you would like our JCR to be run.

It helps improve the quality of elections, because it makes them more competitive, and enables greater scrutiny of the candidates and their ideas.

We all pay our JCR levy of £130 when we join Butler JCR, if you do not vote, then you lose the opportunity to elect who you feel will best represent your interests.


If you have any questions about elections at Josephine Butler College JCR, please contact Eleanor Scarratt (