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Get In Contact

If you would like more help or information then please get in contact:

JCR Chair

Eleanor Scarratt (contact)

JCR Vice-Chair

Noah Merrin (contact)

Baneet Sarai (contact)

Making a Poster

Poster Making Guide

What to include in your poster?

  • Who you are
  • What position you are running for
  • Any relevant experience you have which makes you the best person/people for the role - Not essential for any JCR role - But remember experience does not have to be experience you've gained within the JCR it can be anything helpful
  • Why you want the role
  • If elected, what are your ideas? How would you develop the role? What would be your priorities?
  • Contact Details - Durham email - Allows people to ask questions if they have any.

Rules about posters:

  1. A4 - Portrait or Landscape
  2. Sent to the JCR Chair by the deadline advertised - PDF file - This saves the design and format of your poster, and means it is easy and clear to open.
  3. You cannot print off, and circulate, posters yourselves! Only the JCR Chair can print copies of posters. Candidates can be penalised, or even disqualified, for breaking this rule.
  4. Please do not say anything about another candidate(s) positive or negative in your poster - Not only is this poor form, it will also get you disqualified from elections.


If you have any questions about elections at Josephine Butler College JCR, please contact Eleanor Scarratt (