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Eleanor Scarratt

JCR Chair (2018/2019)

As JCR Chair I am here to:

1) Chair Exec, Finance Comm and JCR Meetings

2) Make sure all JCR elections are run fairly and smoothly.

3) Defend the interests of all the members of the JCR, by ensuring that the Standing Orders (the Constitution) are upheld.

4) Encourage people to participate within the JCR, whether that is in the form of running in elections, voting for the people you want to represent you or simply ensure you are kept in the loop as to what is going on.

If you ever have any questions relating to any of these areas, I'd love to hear from you. Especially if you have any suggestions of how we can improve our JCR to be even more representative and engaging.


Equality and Diversity Chair (2017/2018)

JCR Vice-Chair (2017/2018)

The JCR Vice-Chairs are responsible for helping to organise JCR meetings and support the Exec, as well as helping to run Democracy Comm.

Livers-Out Rep (2017/2018)

Livers-Out Reps are responsible for working with a team of reps within an area and hold various social events throughout the year. They assist the Livers-Out Officer in fulfilling their role in supporting Butlerites living out as well as providing support for those looking for accommodation for the following academic year. Liver-Out Reps maintain links with college when living out and support others in doing do.

Summer Ball Chair (2017/2018)

The Summer Ball Chair is responsible for running the Butler Summer Ball. This involves organising the entertainment, menu and decorations for the night.

Tour Rep (2016/2017)

As the tour rep, it is my responsibility to be the welcoming face to potential students, not only at Josephine Butler but at Durham University as a whole. It is paramount that the students and parents/guardians experience Butler as a unique college - giving a detailed tour, answering any questions to the full extent of my knowledge and providing answers, not bias or advice.