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Sam Stradling

Boat Club President (2016/2017)

The Boat Club President is responsible for running the Rowing Society at Josephine Butler. They have to represent Josephine Butler College across Durham within different rowing organisations. Alongside this it's the responsibility of the president to make sure BCBC (Butler College Boat Club) has facilities to train in on and off the river and to work with the BCBC exec team to make a rowing club that can compete across the country.

JCR Treasurer (2015/2016)

The JCR Treasurer is responsible for the money within the JCR, this includes cashing it up and reimbursing people for their expenses.

The JCR Treasurer sits on finance committee which is responsible for ensuring the JCR's money is spent in the interests of the JCR.

Charities Co-ordinator (2014/2015)

The Charities coordinator is responsible for running Charity Committee and organising the wide range of events that we put on to raise money for charity. It's a really fun position with flexibility to find new ways to fundraise and is all for a great cause!

It's a great way to get involved as you get to work with loads of different people throughout college.

Webmaster (2014/2015)

The Webmaster helps maintain the JCR Website so if you spot anything that needs fixing or are interested in getting involved please get in touch. We use a variety of languages and techniques to create the most advanced college website in Durham.

Assistant Charities Coordinator (2013/2014)

The Assistant Charities Coordinator is responsible for liaising with the Charity Coordinators and assisting them in running charities events and meetings.

Head Open Day Rep (2013/2014)

The Head Open Day Rep is a Joint Position, shared by two members of the JCR. Their responsibility is organise the Post-Offer Application Open Days, ensuring that the event is well run, informative, and ideally fun for all the prospective students applying to Durham and Butler.

They decide how to represent the college through the activities they arrange for both day and residential visitors. It is also within the job title to lead a team of reps for the duration of the events.