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Rosie Keates

Jazz Band President (2017/2018)

Music Committee Chair (2017/2018)

The Music Committee Chair is responsible for organising musical events within college and liaising with music society presidents to ensure members of each society are aware and enthusiastic about creating music in college. The Music Committee Chair also organise termly meetings, as well as sorting and organising the music room when necessary.

Jazz Band President (2016/2017)

JCR Societies Officer (2016/2017)

The JCR Societies Officer is responsible for liaising with society presidents and the coordination of all societies within college. I am the point of contact if you want to set up a new society and will support you along the way. The Societies Officer also promotes society events (such as concerts and the society showcase), organises the Sports and Societies Fair with the Sports Officer in Fresher’s Week and works with the Social Chair in organising the Societies and Committees Formal.

Live Music Coordinator (2016/2017)

Webmaster (2016/2017)

The Webmaster helps maintain the JCR Website so if you spot anything that needs fixing or are interested in getting involved please get in touch. We use a variety of languages and techniques to create the most advanced college website in Durham.

Cooking Society President (2015/2016)

Jazz Band President (2015/2016)