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Hannah Coogans

Hi, I am Hannah and I am a first year studying Ancient, Medieval and Modern History. I am an international student who loves to get as involved as possible in college.

International Officer (2017/2018)

The International Officer is responsible for providing support for international students, raising multicultural awareness throughout the college and increasing integration between home and international students. The role also includes organising International Freshers' week, running International Committee meetings and planning events throughout the year.

JBs Coffee Shop Staff (2017/2018)

JBs Coffee Shop Staff 2017-2018 #dreamteam

Assistant Green Committee Rep (2016/2017)

The Assistant Green Committee Rep is responsible for helping the head of the Green committee, to organise and get involved in green events and to try and make college life as green as possible.

I've found getting involved in this committee a really great opportunity to make a real palpable change in the college. We're a committee of people who are enthusiastic about reducing the environmental impact our college has and learning about environmental issues.