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Bethan Hosker

Christian Union President (2016/2017)

The Butler Christian Union is part of the wider body of college CUs, collected under the banner of Durham Inter-Collegiate Christian Union. The role of the Butler CU president, or college Reps, is to run the Friday night meetings, host events both to support Christians in college and to share the Gospel in our College, and liase with the Societies Officer to book rooms and the like. The role is shared by two reps, normally a boy and a girl, who share this responsibility.

Head Frep (2016/2017)

As one of the duo that make up Head Frep, you over see the running and organisation of freshers' week. The role encompasses lots of areas of college life, with the aim of putting on the best freshers' week for each new generation.

Summer Ball Chair (2016/2017)

Head Open Day Rep (2015/2016)

The Head Open Day Rep is a Joint Position, shared by two members of the JCR. Their responsibility is organise the Post-Offer Application Open Days, ensuring that the event is well run, informative, and ideally fun for all the prospective students applying to Durham and Butler.