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Grace Calvert

Hi, I’m Grace, an Education and Sociology student and your Green Committee Rep for 2016/17!

If you have any ideas or suggestions about how we can maintain Butler as a green college or want to get involved, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

JCR Vice-President (2017/2018)

Vice-President helps oversee many of the committees at Butler, these include Green Comm, Charity Comm, Publicity Comm, Project Comm. and Mound Comm. Vice-President also organises college stash orders and coordinates outreach programmes with the local community.

Green Committee Rep (2016/2017)

I coordinate my green troops and hope to save the world, by eating cheese and getting drunk.

Volunteering Coordinator (2016/2017)

As your Volunteering Coordinator I am here to ensure that everyone in college can get involved with local charities / volunteering opportunities that we are linked to here, or to work with students who wish to set up new opportunities here at Butler. Any questions / problems you have feel free to email me!