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Daniel Reynolds

Technical Director (2016/2017)

The Technical Director is responsible for the co-ordination of Tech Comm, and the management of the technical aspects of a variety of College events: from Open Mic nights and post-formal Ents, to the larger events such as Fashion Show and the Winter and Summer Balls. In this capacity, the Technical Director is expected to liaise with those in charge of various events to deliver the necessary equipment and skills that will help those events to be successful.
In addition, they are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of technical equipment owned by the JCR. They are expected to be sufficiently experienced with our equipment as to be able to make informed decisions about the running of events, and thus will have been a member of Tech Comm before becoming Technical Director.
Above all, they need to be enthusiastic, and to be committed to working to deliver enjoyable, memorable events for the College.