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Sally Crawford

Student Community Development Officer (2016/2017)

Cheerleading President (2015/2016)

Summer Ball Chair (2015/2016)

The Summer Ball Chair is responsible for running the Butler Summer Ball. This involves organising the entertainment, menu and decorations for the night.

Fashion Show Chair (2014/2015)

Jess Murphy and I organised JBCFS17 which was so much fun and well worth the time and effort. We raised a record breaking £3000 for a very worthy cause. Any questions please feel free to contact me in person/over facebook/email x

Head Frep (2014/2015)

As one of the duo that make up Head Frep, you over see the running and organisation of freshers' week. The role encompasses lots of areas of college life, with the aim of putting on the best freshers' week for each new generation.