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Amy Barrett

Social Chair (2018/2019)

The Social Chair is responsible for organising all social events run by the JCR including the college's formals, Newcastle Night Out's, Day Trips (e.g. Edinburgh Christmas Market trip) and Refreshers' Week. Other responsibilities include liaising with college staff, managing the budget for each event and ensuring smooth planning and delivery of all events. Additionally, the Social Chair is head of Social Committee and a member of Finance Committee.

Bar Staff (2017/2018)

The Bar Staff are responsible for keeping the bar tidy and serving the students.

Tour Rep (2017/2018)

As the tour rep, it is my responsibility to be the welcoming face to potential students, not only at Josephine Butler but at Durham University as a whole. It is paramount that the students and parents/guardians experience Butler as a unique college - giving a detailed tour, answering any questions to the full extent of my knowledge and providing answers, not bias or advice.