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Jessica Lythgow

JCR Bar Steward (2016/2017)

The Bar Steward is responsible for the general running of Josephine Butler bar, including staff welfare, putting the suggestions of the student body into practise, and maintaining the highest levels of service for our customers. The Bar Steward should have good experience in the field of hospitality and bar work, and be prepared to organise the fortnightly rota, ensure that bar hygiene practices are adhered to, and be on call for the bar staff should they need help while on shift.

While the Bar Stewards are expected to take on a high level of responsibility, it is important that they are personable and approachable individuals, taking on any constructive criticism offered by the student body and making improvements accordingly. The Bar Stewards should aim to lead a close-knit and friendly bar team in creating a fun and inviting bar atmosphere, where the staff enjoy working and to which the customers want to return.

The Bar Steward role is also an exec role at Josephine Butler college, and should expect to attend weekly exec meetings in addition to Bar committee meetings.

JCR Vice-Chair (2015/2016)

The JCR Vice-Chairs are responsible for helping to organise JCR meetings and support the Exec, as well as helping to run Democracy Comm.