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Hannah Graham

Second year BA Anthropologist. Disney and Hiking Socs Co-President. SCA Volunteering College Rep. Email if you have any questions about the above :)

Disney Society President (2016/2017)

Hi there! We're the co-presidents of Disney Soc and we'll be responsible for making Disney Soc chilled and fun! This will include organising weekly showings of Disney films (old and new!) along with the running of Disney socials throughout the year! We are going to organise some cinema and pantomime trips, and we hope to team up with the Pudding Soc presidents to plan a Disney-themed baking event! Check out or Facebook or ask us to join the mailing list. Hope to see you at Disney Soc sometime! :D

(Sam Hughes and Sarah Pattinson)

Hiking Society President (2016/2017)

Hi! We're Kristina M, Kristina F, Alex and Amy, the presidents of Hiking Society. We aim to plan multiple easy-going hikes for when the weather is good, and organise socials when we can. Join our Facebook group to keep up to date with our most recent events!