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Tom Weston

JCR President (2018/2019)

The JCR President works full time overseeing the running of the JCR to ensure you get the most out of your student experience. The JCR President leads the Executive Committee, consisting of 12 other positions, who work to provide the student body with opportunities and support ranging from sports, societies, committees, welfare, accommodation advice, social events, and much, much more. They also act as your student representative at both a College and University level to ensure that Butler students have their voice heard. Feel free to pop in and visit the JCR President in the JCR Office if you have any questions or queries.

JCR President Elect (2018/2019)

The JCR President Elect shadows the current JCR President and learns the role that they will be taking over from in the summer.

Men's Rugby President (2017/2018)

Publicity Officer (2017/2018)

Head Frep (2016/2017)

As one of the duo that make up Head Frep, you over see the running and organisation of freshers' week. The role encompasses lots of areas of college life, with the aim of putting on the best freshers' week for each new generation.