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Kevin Pearce

I am very much an ENTP personality and love to debate or inquire into any topic. Because of this, I have a wide range of interests from rugby and cricket, to software development, ancient history, astronomy, evolutionary biology and more.
I am also very extroverted, so I am easy to talk to about any of these topics and more (It's probably the driving factor around me wanting to become a lawyer or politician).

Finally; My name is Kevin Pearce; my favourite colour is purple; my favourite movie is StarWars Episode 5; I come from South Africa and have stayed in Spain, Scotland and now England; I have never read the Harry Potter or LOrd of the RIngs books (I know, dreadful!).

Careers Rep (2017/2018)

The Careers Rep is responsible for all questions about Careers students might have. From first year through to third year students, Careers rep is the one to speak to if you want to start your career hunt.
I am here to provide a student perspective on information regarding work experiences, internships, careers fares and opportunities. I will also answer all Careers questions to the best of my ability as well as provide careers mentorship for those of you unsure about what questions to even ask.

Livers-In Proctor (2017/2018)

The Livers-In Proctor is responsible for being a point of contact for a number of fresher flats. I am there to answer any questions freshers may have and help resolve any issues that may arise. But more importantly I am there to promote interaction with the amazing college community Butler has and support with the intergration into university life!

Tour Rep (2017/2018)

As the tour rep, it is my responsibility to be the welcoming face to potential students, not only at Josephine Butler but at Durham University as a whole. It is paramount that the students and parents/guardians experience Butler as a unique college - giving a detailed tour, answering any questions to the full extent of my knowledge and providing answers, not bias or advice.